Vaibla Ringing Station


Founded in 1987, Vaibla Ringing Station is the only inland bird station in Estonia at the present time. Vaibla Ringing Station has been run entirely by volunteers.

In 2017 station celebrated its 30th anniversary with an educational conference. Around 60 Estonian bird-enthusiasts, spanning all age groups, enjoyed presentations about the history of the station, current activities and bird biology. Sharing knowledge and educating people in biology has always been the major goal for the team.

Practising under supervision of experienced ringers has brought a lot of students closer to science and nature and often leading to career in research and environment protection. Along with popularization, Station contributes scientific data to researchers.


Visitors and volunteers participate in everyday activities and thus develop their practical skills. Program includes:

• introduction to Estonian birds,

• basics of ringing and mistnetting,

• identification and measuring practice,

• safety of birds.


• +372 503 9306

Contact persons

• Art Villem Adojaan ( +372 5331 6182)

• Kristjan Adojaan ( +372 503 9306)

Ringing at Vaibla

• 19 ringing seasons (1987-2018).

• Main ringing season in July and August, occasional sessions in autumn and spring.

• 86 000 ringed birds (see totals and current year results).

• 114 bird species (see the list in the table of totals).

• More than a 100 foreign recaptures (see the map)

• Up to 200 meters of mist-nets


Sedge warbler   23006
Barn swallow    10108
Willow warbler   8980
Reed warbler     6151
Marsh warbler    5580
Chiffchaff       3332
Whitethroat      2888
Garden warbler   2348
Blue tit         2312
Reed bunting     2213