GPS - partridges

Vaibla Ringing Station helps Estonian Ornithological Society in a Grey partridge project. Recently three tiny GPS transmitters were put on partridges to investigate their behaviour and ecology. More about the project on Society's website (in Estonian) and in national news coverage.

European Robin Genetic Project

We participate in the project, collecting data for studying genetics of European Robins (Erithacus rubecula). Project is coordinated by Oliwia Karpińska, Katarzyna Kanclerska, Patryk Rowiński from Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Robert Rutkowski from Polish Academy of Sciences (2020).


Acroproject of EURING was the main reason, why Vaibla Ringing Station was established in 1987. Being one of 13 stations all over Estonia, Vaibla Ringing Station contributed to this all-European research programme

Practical training of bird-ringing

...for students of Tartu Environmental Education Centre (2015). The ringing camp was funded by Environmental Investment Centre (KIK-10300).

Ringing Camp

Practical training for Birding Club of Tartu Environmental Education Centre (2016), funded by Environmental Investment Centre (KIK-12891).


Vaibla Ringing Station is searching for collaboration opportunities related to its activities (mistnetting small passerines: Acrocephalus, Sylvia and Phylloscopus warblers, etc). It can serve as a base for collecting research data for different analyses as well as training base for ringers. Please contact